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Campgrounds with EV charging stations in North America

June 2021 | By Emie-Claude Lamoureux & Julian Sintim

There’s something about camping that makes us full of the joys of spring. From being outside all day to spending nights around a campfire, the physical and mental benefits of spending time in nature are remarkable. 

For electric vehicle (EV) drivers who have the itch to get outdoors and sleep under the stars or flowery meadows, the rule of thumb is to choose a campground with or nearby EV charging stations. With a little research before you go, you’ll be able to maximize your time and see some great sights during your camping trip. The good news is that camping sites are increasingly equipped with EV charging stations in their amenities. In fact, let’s review some places that might be near you or could inspire your next camping trip!

Marsh Lake Campground

Yukon, Canada

Photo Credit: Greg Sellentin

It’s no secret that Canada’s farthest Northern border—Yukon—is known for its impressive landscapes that host a multitude of wildlife migrations. For EV drivers looking to immerse themselves in the wilderness, there is one campground with a nearby charging station: the Marsh Lake Campground. On site, there is also a short trail and bridge for pedestrians to access Marsh Lake beaches. 

Marsh Lake connects 600 km of water bodies and lakes that receive a mass migration of tens of thousands of swans, ducks, and geese every spring. It’s estimated that 10% of trumpeter swans in North America flock to this location which is why EV drivers can make their way to the Swan Haven Interpretive Centre near the campground. What’s more, the Yukon Government, Marsh Lake Community Association, Society of Yukon Bird Observatories and members of the Carcross/Tagishcentre First Nation host the annual Swan Festival. 

Charge your EV at Marsh Lake Campground

Photo Credit: Siim Lukka

Prior to entering the Marsh Lake Campground, you can find a level 3 FLO charging station near the site, available 24 hours a day. The charging station was installed by the government of Yukon in an effort to promote electric vehicles throughout the province.

Lewis & Clark Caverns Campground

Montana, U.S.

Photo Credit: Stephen Pedersen

Commonly referred to as “Big Sky Country,” Montana has 55 State parks consisting of mountains and hills, rivers, lakes and plains. Among its vast territory, Lewis & Clark Caverns was the first State park discovered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) —the first American expedition to cross the United States by land to the Pacific coast. 

Its campground is accessible by electric car and conveniently located to visit one of the most ornate limestone caves in the Northwest. Naturally air-conditioned, these caves are home to stalactites and stalagmites, as well as bats called Townsend’s earwigs. Lastly, if you have a bicycle, consider bringing it for your camping trip as this is among the top activities EV drivers can enjoy on-site. 

Charge your EV at Lewis & Clark Caverns Campground

Photo Credit: Josh Hild

At the entrance to Lewis & Clark Caverns Campground is a level 2 charging station with 5 charging ports. Simply plug in your EV and go explore surrounding trails by foot or bicycle!

Wasagaming Campground

Manitoba, Canada

Photo Credit: A. K.

Riding Mountain National Park is located about 300 km northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It’s vast territory supports three different ecosystems: grasslands, upland boreal forests and hardwood forests. At the southern entrance to the park, EV drivers can drive to Wasagaming Campground, located on the shores of Clear Lake. 

In the spring, a stay at Camp Wasagaming allows you to take a moment to visit a huge animal sanctuary where the bison and their calves can be observed at close range. The sanctuary was designed to protect these bison, which have long been threatened. To get to this area from the campground, you will need to take your electric car. 

Charge your EV at Wasagaming Campground

Photo Credit: Thomas Lardeau

Once at Wasagaming Campground, EV drivers can easily find two Tesla-operated level 2 charging stations on the waterfront in the heart of the national park. The wooded family campground is within walking distance of the town of Wasagaming, where you’ll find grocery stores, bike and boat rentals, horseback riding and an extensive trail system.

Grand Marais Campground

Minnesota, U.S.

Photo Credit: Prabhavanth

Minnesota is renowned for its beautiful landscape of forests and prairies dotted with sparkling blue lakes. When the Dakota First Nations settled here over three centuries ago, they named the land “minisota,” which meant “land where the water and sky meet”. Today, the state also has more Rail to Trails—former railroad tracks converted to bike and pedestrian paths—than any other state in the United States. 

The Grand Marais Campground is located in the Arrowhead area of Minnesota. This is an ideal base for accessing Lake Superior and the surrounding area during a camping trip. The site includes Sweetheart’s Bluff Natural Area, cobble beaches, public water access, a community garden, access to the Gitchi-Gami bike trail and more. Grand Marais is also considered the gateway to the Gunflint Trail and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. The latter is a vast water system that stretches 150 miles along the U.S.-Canada border, covering approximately 1,098,000 acres with over 1,100 lakes and 1,500 miles to paddle across on a canoe or kayak. 

Charge your EV at Grand Marais Campground

Photo Credit: Lee Vue

Located half a mile from the downtown core of the small municipality of Grand Marais, there are 5 level 2 ports, accessible all day. It’s worth checking the Grand Marais campground for available charging stations before you go, as they are often busy in the summer.

Carleton-sur-Mer Campground

Quebec, Canada

Photo Credit: John Joumaa

The Carleton-sur-Mer Campground is located in the Bay of Chaleurs, situated between the sea and the mountains and composed of a maritime landscape. Protected from the winds and blessed with a microclimate that tempers its waters, the Bay of Chaleur is part of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club. This worldwide association, created in Berlin in 1997, has included this beauty that is accessible by electric car among the most beautiful bays thanks to its microclimate, its long beaches and its mountain panoramas. 

The Carleton-sur-Mer Campground is located on the barachois, a long bar of sand washed into the sea by marine currents. A word uniquely used in Atlantic Canada and Quebec, barachois is said to have originated from the expression “barre à choir” which would designate a lagoon where one could leave one’s boat to be sheltered from bad weather. It goes without saying that the site is perfectly located to admire a variety of seabirds and beautiful sunsets. Then, for hiking nearby, in addition to Mount Carleton, there is also the famous Mount Saint-Joseph, the summit of the Bay of Chaleur, in the background. 

Charge your EV at Carleton-sur-Mer Campground

Photo Credit: Nathalie Ehrnleitner

Nearby, you’ll find several level 2 charging stations where you can plug in your electric vehicle overnight while you enjoy quality family time by the water. You will also find a level 2 charging station directly on-site at the campground. 

Chickasabogue Park Campground

Alabama, U.S.

Photo Credit: David M Chambers

If the words “Sweet Home Alabama” don’t resonate with you, that will certainly change after a camping trip with your EV. Named after the creek that runs through the 1,100-acre wooded area, Chickasabogue State Park is a great place for EV drivers who also consider themselves to be fishermen looking to catch bass, panfish, cyperidia and catfish. 

Chickasabogue Park Campground is located on the southern tip of Alabama, which is well known for Mobile Bay and the Gulf coast beaches. Also, the park has over 17 miles of hiking and biking trails that wind through the park, where several mountain biking competitions have been held in this area. All the trails intersect, offering you countless loop combinations. 

Charge your EV at Chickasabogue Park Campground

Photo Credit: Nico Bhlr

Less than five miles away, EV drivers can find a level 3 charging station provided by Electrify America. This location allows you to take a quick break before travelling if needed and enjoy a healthy drink at the on-site Smoothie King.

Deer Lake Campground

Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Photo Credit: Timothy Holmes

In the far east of Canada, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is still a well-kept secret, but a destination for all EV drivers who dream of great wilderness and grandiose maritime panoramas. Affectionately known as “The Rock”, this province was the first land in the Americas, settled around the year 1000 by the Vikings

As an EV driver, this extreme destination has some great surprises in store, starting with Deer Lake Campground in western Newfoundland. Here, you’re just a half-hour from Gros Morne National Park, where the earth’s crust and towering cliffs of towering flat rock mountains have allowed geologists to confirm their theory about tectonic plates. And, if you plan to be on the island for a longer stay, head to the Fogo Island Inn, also accessible by EV.

Charge your EV at Deer Lake Campground

Photo Credit: Timothy Meinberg

Less than a few minutes from the site, a Sun Country Highway charging station is available in the Wing’N It Deer Lake restaurant parking lot.

Flamingo Campground

Florida, U.S.

Photo Credit: Richard Sagredo

In Florida, there’s no better way to experience the Everglades by electric car than to spend a night under the stars at Flamingo Campground. Sometimes referred to as the River of Grass, this swampy region is home to many parks and preserves, including Everglades National Park. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, Everglades National Park is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the United States and protects important habitat for many rare and endangered species, such as the manatee, the American crocodile and the elusive Florida panther.

During your camping trip, you can take the road with your electric car through Florida Keys and Key West. It’s considered one of the most beautiful scenic roads in the United States that crosses the 161-kilometre long archipelago. Lined with beautiful scenery, the road became the legendary Overseas Highway and is now designated an All-American Road by the National Scenic Byways program.

Charge your EV at Flamingo Campground

Photo Credit: Parsa Mahmoudi

Just under 6 miles away from the site, EV drivers can find a SemaConnect level 2 charging station near the Ernest F. Coe Tourist Center. This location is known for its many hiking trails that you can explore while your electric car is charging for the return trip.

These sites accessible by electric car are among the places to camp. But other sites deserve to be on the list, and sometimes our best trips happen simply by choosing campgrounds with EV charging stations using a map.  It’s an opportunity to discover your local area, pull a log and enjoy a rhythm dictated by the nature that surrounds you. Let’s get out of here!

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