Photo credit : Katja Ritvanen

Our advice for driving an electric car in winter

January 2021 | The Path to eMobility
By Julian Sintim

Getting up early to shovel snow out the driveway; the freezing cold weather preventing your car to start; the winter climate that significantly reduces your fuel economy… cars have always been at the frontlines of the difficulties winters present. For many, these experiences make it difficult to see electric cars as vehicles that are compatible with North American winters. Yet, well-designed EVs can instantly and reliably start on cold winter days. 

That being said, it’s still necessary to adopt a few habits to optimize the experience of driving an electric car in winter. Fortunately, we have several EV drivers within our team. To support you in reaching your next destination, such as your favourite ski resort or ice rink, here is our advice for driving an electric car in winter!

We hope our advice will support you in having an excellent driving experience with your electric car, even in winter!

And if you still don’t have your EV, you are still on the right track to a simpler adoption when the time comes!


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