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Eight smart EV habits for
better adoption

October 2020 | The Path to eMobility

Are you an electric vehicle (EV) enthusiast, a new EV driver or simply curious about eMobility?

While many EV amateurs know of us, others have yet to understand the role that ChargeHub plays within the eMobility sector. Since 2012, our team has been hard at work to simplify EV adoption and facilitate access to public charging stations.

This mission to accelerate the path to eMobility is also conveyed at our core and among teammates. First, each team member is eligible to receive financial incentives to support their EV adoption. Second, each new member of the ChargeHub team completes a small EV driving challenge during their onboarding. The challenge consists of completing an EV circuit using our interactive charging station map. This is meant to give a real-world experience of what it feels like to be an EV driver—experienced or new—and have a greater understanding of the everyday challenges one will face when it comes to public charging.

Now in 2020, eight members of our team own one—or more—EVs. Today’s issue will present their smart EV habits for better adoption, with insights from their daily routines. Let’s have a look!

Define (or refine) your EV habits

EV enthusiasts, we hope these smart habits will help refine your own.

New EV owners, we hope these smart habits will help define your own.

Newcomers, we hope these smart habits remind you that with EVs, you can #goEVerywhere.


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