VinFast Accesses Public EV Chargers!

April 2024 | By ChargeHub

The VinFast app now provides seamless access to over 85,000 charging stations through integration with ChargeHub. This means VinFast owners only need one app to manage their public charging needs.

With ChargeHub technology, VinFast customers can now enjoy hassle-free access to public charging stations. Whether you’re navigating the busy streets of Montreal or exploring the picturesque landscapes of BC, ChargeHub has anticipated all your needs.

Choose Your Preferred App

Whether you prefer using the VinFast app or the ChargeHub app, you now have access to an extensive network of charging stations and can make payments effortlessly.

Enhance Your Public Charging Experience

ChargeHub is committed to enhancing the charging experience for electric vehicles. With public charging stations, drivers can now power their vehicles faster and more efficiently than ever. Partnering with VinFast aims to provide an enhanced experience to its users, making charging more convenient than ever.

Strategic Partnerships for the Future

At the core of ChargeHub’s success are its partnerships with key players in the industry. By collaborating with renowned automotive manufacturers like VinFast, ChargeHub is driving innovation in the electric vehicle industry. Through seamless integration and technical support, ChargeHub enables automotive manufacturers to offer their customers an unparalleled charging experience.


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