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Celebrate beautiful initiatives that protect the oceans by electric car 

July 2021 | By Emie-Claude Lamoureux

In this beautiful season, it’s time to head to the islands and beaches. A splash of cool sea water will be enough to revive your body and mind in no time!

As you visit the coastline, it’s also your chance to encourage organizations that support environmentally friendly initiatives. In 2021, the United Nations announced the Ocean Decade Actions, to support efforts that work to reverse the cycle of declining ocean health and ensure the sustainability of the oceans for future generations.

To highlight this, we’ll be presenting four organizations from across the continent that support the sustainable development of our oceans all the while offering fun outdoor activities, food and drink, and more. Of course, all are accessible by electric car (EV)!

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Georgia, U.S.

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Jekyll Island is situated on the Georgia coastline and home to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. This educational research and sea turtle rehabilitation center is unique in the state. During a visit, electric vehicle (EV) drivers have the opportunity to learn more about sea turtles and see rehabilitation in action through numerous exhibits and interactive experiences.

For example, you can participate in Sunrise Walks, introducing you to the basics of sea turtle nesting and hatching, the ecological history of Jekyll, and all the wildlife you’ll encounter. At night, it’s the Ride with Night Patrol program that offers participants the unique opportunity to follow their sea turtle patrol team, traveling half the beach in an all-terrain vehicle and the other half on foot, in search of the Loggerhead sea turtles that nest on Jekyll Island’s beaches. If they encounter a turtle, participants will have the opportunity to help our researchers and AmeriCorps members learn more about these animals, making for a truly immersive, rugged and inspiring field experience

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center partnered in 2012 with the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative, part of NOAA‘s Marine Debris Program. Marine Debris Research volunteers collect data on marine debris found on Jekyll Island beaches while conducting routine cleanups. They help protect nesting habitats for sea turtles and shorebirds by collecting and properly disposing of debris. 

Charge your EV at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

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There are Level 2 charging stations available directly at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Jekyll Island also offers a variety of amenities, including beaches, four golf courses, a tennis center, and an array of lodging options, including hotels, cabins, and campgrounds. Visit the official website of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to learn more about the programs, research, and other important activities conducted to save turtles and other coastal wildlife.

Outside Expeditions Inc.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

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As the name suggests, Outside Expeditions has been organizing kayaking and biking expeditions to Prince Edward Island since 1993. They are a company dedicated to showcasing their beautiful region and its friendly people. Their experienced and safety conscious guides are certified by Paddle Canada, choose areas of activity to reflect the quality of the wildlife, beauty and cultural interest of the Island. 

Their tours are structured to allow people of all abilities to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Mindful of the natural beauty that surrounds them, they strive to constantly reduce their impact on the environment and support the Island Nature Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the island’s delicate habitats.

Charge your EV near Outside Expeditions

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Outside Expeditions has two locations on Prince Edward Island, in North Rustico (next to the national park) and at Brudenell River Provincial Park. The North Rustico location is very accessible by electric car. A level 2 charging station is available a few kilometers away at the Around the Sea Rotating Suites & Tours location

Spice Hawaii

Hawaii, U.S.

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In Kaka’ako, Hawaii, the owner of Spice Hawaii unplugs his food truck from its charging station. According to the We Are 100 initiative, Spice Hawaii is the creation of high school sweethearts Ajanta and Che Vora, and the first step in their mission to preserve the islands’ well-being. When the couple first came to the islands, they asked themselves, “How can we honor and respect Hawaii?”

This was the basis for the design of their restoration truck. Dubbed “Butterfly”, this food truck is designed to represent and embody the Kamehameha butterfly,” and it’s quiet beauty “is our way of paying homage to this beautiful island,” said Che. It is Hawaii’s first all-electric food truck and equipped with LED lighting.

Charge your EV in Kaka'ako

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Kaka’ako, is a trendy part of Honolulu and known for its lively restaurants. With the multitude of Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations that are served throughout the territory, you can ride with peace of mind no matter where Spice Hawaii travels. Enjoy your meal!

Ocean Outfitters

British Columbia, Canada

Photo credit: Thomas Lipke

Ocean Outfitters is the perfect place to go for all your Tofino, British Columbia activities. From the safety of their boats, visiting motorists will be able to respectfully observe grey whales, humpback whales, orcas (killer whales), black bears, sea otters, sea lions, sea wolves, eagles and other seabirds all in their natural habitat, Clayoquot Sound. 

It’s a company committed to connecting visitors to the wildlife of the surrounding area. Through ethical observation practices, Ocean Outfitters highlights the interconnectedness of natural systems. You will learn about the rich biodiversity of Clayoquot Sound, and the threats to the habitat and native culture in this world-renowned UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Charge your EV near Ocean Outfitters

Photo credit: Tim Foster

There are several public charging stations near the Ocean Outfitters location. The city of Tofino is also a very bike friendly city and there are two fences along the building so you can lock your bike while on a trip with us. For bike rentals, you can head to TOF Cycles or Tofino Bike Co.  

Fortunately, initiatives that protect the oceans are multiplying. That’s why it’s the perfect time to navigate to the crossroads of our two worlds: land and sea.


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