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Looking for adventure? Drive further into the wilderness with these 5 EV tips

April 2021 | The Path to eMobility

Every April, spring returns and brings us a dose of chlorophyll and well-deserved outdoor activities. That being said, as you journey to the great outdoors in your electric vehicle (EV), you’ll be driving on roads with varying elevations, unexpected weather and alternating distances between charging stations.

For example, going uphill with an EV consumes more battery energy than driving on flat ground. Driving downhill, on the other hand, can recover energy. All it takes is good EV driving habits. To help you keep peace of mind, no matter the topography, drive further into the wilderness with these 5 EV tips, courtesy of ChargeHub team members who also have extensive experience driving electric cars.

You heard it. This spring say bye-bye to your computer, hop in your EV, and head for the forests, the parks and the trails that will allow you to take a deep breath of fresh air!

Change your EV winter tires

Simon, CEO of ChargeHub
Owner of a 2015 Nissan Leaf 

If you’re looking for a simple EV tip to boost your range, start with one of the most common springtime traditions: changing your winter tires. Regardless of the type of electric vehicle, winter tires don’t like the heat and underperform in warmer spring and summer conditions. Why? Because their softer compounds produce more resistance on hot surfaces. Tire resistance plays an important role in the battery consumption of your EV.

Be mindful of your driving patterns

Francis, COO of ChargeHub
Owner of a 2016 Volt & a 2019 Kia Niro

One of the main factors affecting the range of an electric car is speed. Going from 120 km/h to 110 to 100 can make a big difference. That’s why I recommend slowing down a bit. Enjoy the drive to nature, and embrace a calmer mind. When you intervene less in speed and take the time to observe, you can grain considerable range. 

Don’t bring the kids; less weight & less noise!

Olivier, CTO of ChargeHub
Owner of a Nissan Leaf 2013

Just kidding! That being said, an overloaded vehicle consumes more energy, so avoid carrying too much weight in your EV for your weekend road trips to nature. 

Use air conditioning efficiently

Johanne, Customer Service Coordinator at ChargeHub
Owner of a Chevrolet Bolt 2019

When driving an electric car, be aware of the heavy use of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment. In the winter, we talk about using the heater wisely. Similarly, in hot weather, my advice is to keep an eye on how you use air conditioning. Even though the new EV models on the market are using less and less energy consuming devices, is it really necessary to turn up the AC? If the answer is yes, then have a look to see if your electric car allows you to precondition the interior while it is still plugged into a charging station. This step can help to get a good starting point. Then, while driving, less energy is required to reach the desired cool temperature. Rather, energy is used to maintain the temperature!

Explore your surroundings while charging your EV

Benoit, Executive Advisor at ChargeHub
Owner of a Kia Niro since 2020 

Many governments across North America have promoted the installation of charging locations to ensure optimal coverage along major road corridors. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that public charging stations have been increasingly installed in prime locations near amenities for EV drivers. So, consider using apps like ChargeHub to locate these sites and use the filters to customize your search and select your preferred charging networks. It’s also worth noting that, unlike filling up with gas, you don’t have to hold a viscous nozzle. So you don’t have to stand next to the charging station, sweating, freezing or getting wet, like at a gas pump. In the end, these charging stops end up being a nice break to stretch your legs, have a coffee or explore the area. It won’t be long before a few minutes spent charging your EV feels like a breeze!

Public charging stations in North America are becoming a familiar sight, so much so that we are starting to forget that there was a time when it wasn’t always the case. The charging infrastructure, combined with these 5 EV tips, are sure to help you to drive further into the wilderness.

So, how about going outside and breathing some fresh air?

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